guy sleeping on coffee

Are you having trouble sleeping at night?

#ChiropracticCare might be right for you in giving you the best nights sleep. By receiving regular adjustments yo can prevent back pain or neck pain that may be keeping you up at night. Regular adjustments also regulate blood flow and improve relaxation. 

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Are you curious about becoming a Chiropractor?

Those interested in the #ChiropracticField are required to have a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree. This is a postgraduate degree that typically takes 4 years to complete. Admission to most D.C. programs requires at least 90 semester hours of undergraduate education; although most states require D.C’s to possess a bachelors degree before getting licensed. Chiropractors are required to be licensed. Although specific requirements vary by state, all jurisdictions require the completion of an accredited Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) program.

Christmas presents

Relieve Holiday Back Pain

Are you experiencing “holiday back pain?” You know, the kind of back pain the comes from being bent over on the floor while wrapping presents or putting together that new bike? Take care of yourself this holiday season with regular adjustments and prevention! Make sure you’re sitting at a table when wrapping presents or using a workbench to build gifts! If you’re still hanging lights, make sure you’re using a spotter for the ladder.